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Spirituality & Solidarity

Blackness without Borders (BwB) is a series of articles, essays and artworks that help us understand Blackness outside of national parameters. Through the unity of our diversity, B.A.S.S. exists as a fluid and transcultural representation of Blackness. BwB will serve as an archive of our work to interrogate the power of solidarity and our efforts to chart our trajectories for radical futures.

CHARLIE IS READY: a multi-faceted visual and sonic artist who uses their paintbrush to create stories that express a borderless Blackness.

I was inspired to artistically portray Blackness without Borders (BwB) through our spiritual dispositions, the generational knowledge and wisdom encoded into our being. We share a sister/brotherhood. This is what Blackness without Borders represents to me.

The works I selected for Spirituality & Solidarity reflect such themes. The majority of the pieces incorporate watercolours, a fluid medium, symbolic of our global connections, defying the presence of borders.

Through transportation into the realms of my imagination, I hope that you receive solace, and that these pieces act as a mirror; a reflection of the wisdom, beauty and power in you.

Space buns

Mixed media watercolour and fine liner on card


Sherehe: rebirth

Mixed media watercolours and acrylic on card



Mixed media watercolours, biro and highlighter on watercolour paper


Together again

Mixed media felt liners and colour pencils on cartridge paper

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Shamanie Briscoe
Shamanie Briscoe
May 27, 2020

This is beautiful ✨💜

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