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Zumbi dos Palmares: Showing the Resistance of Afrobrazilians in Black November

Hey! I’m Lorena Machado and this video is about our national Brazilian month to celebrate Black lives - we call it Black November!

Here in Brazil, most people are Black, 54% of total population. To celebrate the legacy of the ones who came before us, and also to keep fighting for our rights, we have a special month, to celebrate black people’s history, lives and victories - Black November.

We do not celebrate the abolition day, which was on may 13th. Instead, we celebrate November 20th. You might be wondering why, and I’m here to explain it to you...


Music: Jorge da Capadócia by Jorge Ben Jor

Images of the video: protests against racial descrimination in Brazil. and the figure of Zumbi dos Palmares.

All rights Reserved.

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