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THE TRUTH about “CHEAPER by the DOZEN” & more, much more…

Ever heard of the phrase, “cheaper by the dozen”- better yet, have you ever heard and/or used the word, “mother-f#@ker”??


Both of these commonly used phrases have deep roots in the Afro-American slave trade…

THE TRUTH about “CHEAPER by the DOZEN” presents the commonplace and mainstream legacies of this violent history.

The only way to change history, is to educate yourself first!


(Just a few of the many…) Current Organizations Doing Good Work Right Now: 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Equal Justice Initiative:

EJI- Alabama Legacy Museum

Southern Poverty Law Center:

Teaching Tolerance:

Anddddddd in case you forgot,

- INDIpendent


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Dr. Patricia-


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Link to THE MOVIE: 13TH-

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