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Modern Mountains / Famous Amos

We find ourselves embedded in a hellish environment in which we had no part in creating.

We find ourselves healing those that may not be worth saving.

What will happen in the days to come when the healers escape their bondage to heal their own?

Will chaos break loose?

We bout find to find out…


Modern Mountains

Skyscrapers dot my landscape as the early man’s mountains


creeks and rivers swapped for granite fountains


tenements inescapable estates

We bury each other in our toxic human waste

Is this really the avenue in which to be free?

Swallowed whole by pursuit of opportunity

I Mind the gap as I board my death trap.

Fogs of black in sub-dermal tracks

And don’t get me started on mfn planes!!

For the sake of safety airport security be raping!

And will the flight attendants rules

retard flames of jet fuel??

Will I swim when the plane drops?

I think not...

Famous Amos

You a black face

on a bag cookies for the white man

you aint famous

Yeah its fat free

I see it in the writing

but you aint blameless

Sneaking cookies midnight

bring the cavities

this shit aint painless

Sugar free amnesia

got your gums bleeding

your name is Amos

Chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin

the sun is blazing

Black skin

Shook and jiving

for a new chain

you just acting

Ancestral clairvoyance

leading me

Im not reacting


Natural expression

Us niggas call it fashion

A joyous lifestyle

heaven posted

im relaxing

Cool breeze

Long grass poking through the sand

up to my knees

Inhale exhale

no more Babylon when i breathe

Divine creation

fuck these nations

I'm done I’ll leave


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