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As it is In Heaven


I am committing to paradise in this existence - a ceaseless revolution. Committing to loving myself and nurturing my lifeforce. Channeling heaven despite the chaos of the landscape - divine manifestation void of doubt.

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Thus my path is written

I am Sirius,

My descent from that cosmic star

Was no accident

My emergence into a Babylon of deception and disrepair is far from chance

My resonance with abundance

Reveals who I am

Mr. Black Atlantic

Child of Kronos

Guided by the rings of Saturn

A prodigy of the most high

I exhale my mind into matter

And I’ve learned that when nothing is mine

the more I have

And for many lifetimes

this soul has been stripped bare

Broken, naked, utter despair

Displaced, erased, defaced

But it was there

That we were immortalized into stone

And Now wherever upon this land I roam

I am home


But just how far back can I return?

How many of my pasts can I unearth?

How much of my conditioning can I unwork?

How deep into the soil can I reinter?

How much heaven can I endure?

How much love can I sow into the earth

So that even if I never touch the fruits of my work

My child’s child will never taste this hurt

For I stand on the shoulders of gaseous explosions

Heaven’s soldiers who traversed oceans

And through their motions

they reversed the current

So I ride the tide back on home

I ride the wind back within

Through breath the revolution begins

On earth as it is in heaven


LOVE to my talented friends that lent their work to this video 🖤❤️🖤 In order of appearance: ☀️@simone.mystikbones 🪐Victor! 👽@you_dawoua 🧠 💁🏾‍♀️ 💛@ayosartofgiving 👁 @sevenlocks 👶🏾@leeroy.zozo 🌊@re_s_d 💃🏽 @ffioncampbelldavies


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