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B.A.S.S.Talks to DJ FrancDeezy

During B.A.S.S. Vol III in Peckham, London, our last live show pre-lockdown, we rode the high energy and vibzey soundwaves of Afro-beats, hip-hop, bashment and everything in between, brought to us by none other than DJ FrancDeezy! We caught up with the selector behind the decks to delve into all things music and more.


Where was the last place you travelled to?

The last place I travelled to was Krakow, Poland. I enjoy solo travelling and it was a cool place to visit.

What was the first song you listened to today?

The first song I listened to today was Angele Ni Fie by Juls and Sango. They recently brought out a two track EP called Fufu and Grits and I pretty much play it every morning to get me in a good mood ready for the day.

For those not familiar with you as a DJ, how would you define your style/sound?

I would say my style is not genre specific, but I’d say it leans more towards urban sounds. When I first started to DJ it would strictly be Hip-Hop and Grime, but I didn’t want to limit myself to those specific types of music because I love pretty much every genre and sound there is out there. So now I play a range of genres including, future beats, afrobeats, baile funk and house. Anything with a bounce, a wicked bass, or a groove, I’ll play it.

What is a memory of your first exposure to music?

Every weekend in my house growing up. My mum would wake me and my brothers up to clean the house and the alarm would be whatever music she decides to blast as loud as she could. So, growing up I was exposed to a lot of Fela Kuti, Lagbaja and a lot of Christian Nigerian songs. My dad is also a big old school music fan, so I remember being young and him playing jazz artists such as Frank Sinatra, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and so on.

What is one of your favourite gigs/ DJ sets you have experienced recently?

Back in September I did a last minute set for a friend who was throwing an hip-hop/trap event and that was one of my favourites because my song selection that night was so wicked I was gassed and It was amazing to get my same reaction from the crowd. My second favourite is when I played for B.A.S.S. just before lockdown. The one thing I loved was that there was no dead energy, and everyone was so involved with everything that was going on during that evening. People were grooving and I had several people coming up to me asking for track ID for a couple songs that I was playing because they loved it. Everyone in the room was good vibes.

You can only listen to three albums for the rest of your life what would they be and why?

This is such a hard question, but I’d have to choose:

1. J Hus - Common Sense : Purely because the guy is a genius and there is such a variety of styles on there which shows his range as an artist. I also associate the album with good memories with my friends around the time it was released.

2. DVSN - Sept 5th : If there is ever an album to get me in my feelings this is the one. I still get the same chills that I got listening to this album for the first time. The production is crazy, and everything just gels well together.

3. Bob Marley- Exodus: This album is my whole childhood. I am a massive reggae fan and I just think this is one of the best reggae albums ever by one of the most amazing artists to ever live.

You can form a musical collective/ project with any artists from any era, dead or alive, but maximum three members, who would make the cut?

It would have to be Thundercat, Tyler the Creator and Brent Faiyaz. It’s a weird mix but I think a project with all three would be lit.

Who would you most like to collaborate with, and why?

Finn Foxell. I stumbled across his music over lockdown and he is hard both lyrically and flow wise. The beats I’ve been producing over lockdown, I could definitely see him on a few of them.

You have also started producing, what influenced you to start making beats?

It’s coming up to a year that I first started producing. I felt that being a DJ and playing other artists songs it was only right that I see how these songs were made. I managed to get FL Studio and just started to learn it and learn more about music and sounds. That stuff interests me and I think I just really enjoy making music. I get most excited when I hear how a producer has done something on a song like a cool melody or just sound selection and I’ll think its sick. That influences me to try out different things when I produce - and most times the outcome is banging.

What’s next for DJ Francdeezy?

I’m looking to drop an E.P at the beginning of next year. I already know the artists I want on there and the direction I want it to go in but COVID delayed the plans so nothing is set in stone yet. As life is slowly returning to normal, I’m gonna be putting out more mixes as I haven’t done so for ages and start to try and get bookings once events start popping back up.

What are your thoughts on B.A.S.S?

I think B.A.S.S. is fantastic. To be honest when I went to play for the event, I didn’t know what to expect but I am so glad I went. The community is amazing, and I am impressed at the way they give a platform for people to express themselves any way they see fit whether it be through poetry, music, art, etc. I am actually part of the group chat and I love the way people will promote their businesses or friend’s business, projects or just general information and the support from other members of the community...words can’t describe. I think it’s something that’s needed in this day and age with everything going on. It almost feels like a family and a sense of belonging in it. I am hoping to see B.A.S.S. grow more.

Check out DJ FrancDeezy on Soundcloud and IG @francis.wav


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